IUG Conference Mobile App :-)

Hi Tech Community folks,

Hope you are able to participate in Sofware AG’s International User Conference starting Monday 30th of May in person in Den Hague as well as Online.

Cvent is the event platform that Software AG is using. They have a nifty mobile app that may make your event experience a bit more pleasant.

Go to the Apple App Store or Google Play and search for the Cvent App:

Once you have downloaded the app, search for IUG in it and you can select our event:

Once you choose that event, just enter your name and email address and you get a code that makes sure it is you, and voila you are in:

Love the little countdown. 2 days and 20 hours until the first IUG Welcome Session :slight_smile:

Other things you can do from the app:

  • Put your personal agenda together
  • You can reach out to other attendees
  • Update your profile with a picture
  • In the FAQ you can find the details to the Conference Wifi :slight_smile:
  • You can schedule Meet the Expert sessions
  • There is also a floorplan that helps you find the room for the meet the experts session you have booked :slight_smile:

It is the first IUG Conference for me. I am excited. Any recommendations from folks that have been there before?

Can’t wait to meet many of you next week, Mark.


Thanks for the hint, Mark!
I was struggling to watch a live presentation on my mobile browser yesterday. This looks much better.

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