Item should be selected in dropDown based on value from DB.


I am new to CAF.

I am having a requirement wherein I am fetching the data from the database and displaying the content on the UI. The first column has dropDown and second has text input, the third column has add row and remove row button. Now the issue here is that the dropDown should have selected value based on the record from db, this I am able to achieve but when the user clicks add row button, the dropDown is blank.

Note: I am directly mapping the output from the service to dropDown. and I’ve kept the auto refresh property of the service connector as true. how can I populate the optionGroup in case a user adds a row.

Please help.



you will require a Data Provider which holds the output from your service.

Assign this DataProvider to the drop down control.


Hi Holger,

Thanks! I am able to achieve this.

My table is having add row, remove row button. Using this a user can add new row or can remove the existing row. I am having one async command button which has to send the complete data which is present in the UI table to the flow service. I am currently, trying it by creting control accessor of the async table and using the row data object from it. However, I am only able to send the first row data to the flow service and not the complete table data.

Can you please assist me? What is to be done for the above requirement.

Sanket Vilas more