[ITD.0012.0012] Error Occurred While Creating Web Service Connector

Hello all,

when I am trying to create a web service connector, I get following error on my localhost

“[ITD.0012.0012] Error Occurred While Creating Web Service Connector”

but did not get any error on the other machine with the same software configuaration … (6.5-sp3)…

can any one think of any valid reason… I am totally confused…:confused:

any help would be highly appreciative…


Click view details to see more information. Also, you might validate the WSDL you are attempting to consume using one of the many available tools to do so. My personal favorite is XML Spy Enterprise.

aakashagrawals: did you find an solution to the problem? I would be really interested as I have exactly the same problem. After upgrading to 6.5-SP3 I get the error:
[ITD.0012.0012] Error occurred while creating Web Service Connector

com.wm.lang.xml.WMDocumentException: [ISC.0042.9322] External ID is missing the system ID

When trying to make a webservice connector to a webservice located on the same IS (its just a simple helloworld).

The same procedure works without problem on a 6.5 SP1

With a downgrade to 6.5 SP2 it works for me again. Does anyone have another solution?


You don’t need a wizard to write Flow code for you. The other solution is to create IS doc types from the schema embedded or imported into the WSDL you are using and then create the soap request with good ole fashioned software development using the built-in services found in the pub.soap.utils folder.

IMHO, the fact that a wizard won’t write code for you should not be much of an obstacle to any self-respecting developer.



IMHO any self-respecting forum-poster should actually try to help the newbies with their problems, instead of just insulting them (as you might have noticed,or not, this is the first post I’ve done. Its also the first post aakashagrawals have done).

So, why use the wizard when you can write the code by yourself? Why even use a development environment when you probably could write everything yourself in vi?

Do you actually have a viable solution/explanation to the ITD.0012.0012 error or should we just use workarounds?

Sounds like your downgrade to SP2 is a viable solution. My explanation is that SP3 introduced a bug. When you find a bug, report it and eventually WM will fix it. Sooner if its really critical which this one isn’t since you can quite easily write the same (actually better) Flow that consumes a web service on your own.

Advance past the “wizard” stage of software development by digging in to understand what it was actually doing for you which, in this case, was not much.

Lots and lots of comments on why not to use web services connectors here on wMUsers.