Issues with queryxmlnode servrices in 9.6

Hello Gurus,

I’m trying to write a service which includes reading a xml file from a specified path and invoke bytestostring followed by xmlStringtoxmlnode and queryxmlnode services.

However, I’m encountering issues with queryxmlnode using both wql and xql queries.All I get is null when I try to extract the List from the below sample xml

XQL query used to pull the details of List - /List
WQL query used to pull the details of List - doc.List

I delacred List as output varibale under fields varibale of queryxmlnode as Record.

Designer version - 9.6.

Appreciate the quick help.

any suggestions or help?

Hi Ashwin,

WQL is the old query language and XQL is the newer query language.

XQL ist the preferred variant for current and new developments.

Did you check the IS Built-In-Services Reference if there are some hints regarding pub.xml:queryXmlNode?

Providing some screenshots of your service where you are invoking queryXmlNode might help us to analyse further.