Issues with Blaze


I have installed Blaze in my system and created repository and rules also. When i closed the blaze, i am not able to open it again. I have reinstalled the blaze. Getting same issue every time. Can anyone help me to resolve this issue.


Hi Kumar,

which version of Blaze / wM are you running?

Which repository type are you using?

Are there any notable error messages when trying to start blaze?
Any logs?

Please note that the partnership between SAG and FiCo has ended.

If this is new business you should consider to start with BusinessRules Engine directly, whose Development perspective integrates in Designer instead of having its own UI.


Hi Varun,
Two things are very important, and it can really make our life tougher while getting the Blaze IDE opened… If you are using DB repository, and you have some project that connects to that database, make sure that database is accessible/available. Every time the IDE starts, it tries to connect and will just make the Eclipse to hung…

Secondly, the blaze builds would be connecting to an integration server. Everytime the IDE loads, it will try to connect to that IS. Try to use ‘localhost’ as the hostname in development environment, so if you/someone else creates the build, it will connect.

Hope this helps!


please note that SAG - FiCo Partnership has ended and Blaze Support is ending March 2017 (for most versions).
See the News section for the corresponding message.

For new implementations it might be better to go for Business Rules Engine which is a webMethods Suite product fully integrated in Designer, IS and MWS.