Issues with BI 4.5.2 and EI 4.5.2

1.When I try to generate a Business process in BI 4.5.2, I get the following error:

Error:java.util.MissingResourceException:Can’t find bundle com.activesw.bpm.implementation.EnterpriseImplMessages,key implementation.EnterpriseImplSystem.biNotificationActivation

But an Integration Component gets created in the Enterprise Integrator. Also everytime I generate the business process , a new component is created with the suffix _Cn ( where n is incremental from 1 ) Isn’t it supposed to overwrite the existing component ?

Can anyone help me out with this ?

  1. Enterprise Integrator 4.5.2

Is there any way to automatically populate the input fields with the output fields of a previous step , as it was possible using "Step Detail " in the previous releases of Enterprise(Visual) Integrator.

Also , there being no concept of ATC/ATE in WM 5.0 , if I have to implement a complex algorithm, is writing a custom code step or a java client , the only way to go about it ?