Issues setting a field in a document list with indexing

ok… here’s what I’m trying to do… I’m processing one document list (db result set) and for each result, I’m trying to build a document. So far, so good… The catch is that sometimes this can fail, so I’m trying to build two lists, a failure list, and a success list. To save processing, I’m putting the successful entries into the document structure that will need to be sent later.

The interesting thing is that the failure items are being set correctly, but not the successful ones. It seems that if the document list is not the topmost element in the document, the indexing stuff fails.

I can map the success list to the out-array of the loop, but it puts empty elements (which will be invalid) when that row was ‘skipped’ due to error.

I know that this issue doesn’t translate well into a forum post, but I’m hoping others have run into something like this…