Issues of using of XML Attributes in Broker Document


Appreciate input here. Thanks in advance

Currently, we have a number of I.S. Document Types defined with
attributes (i.e. with @ as the 1st character of the field name,
e.g. SAP IDoc, PDIX Documents, etc).

We would like to publish the document to Broker after receiving the docs
from SAP or Trading Partner (i.e. I.S.). However, broker document field
name does not allow the use of @.

Any one has any better solutions apart from me defining the document twice (1 with attributes and 1 without attributes) and then map the 1 with attributes to the 1 without attributes before publishing to Broker

Thanks in advance

The data is still there, it’s just that you can’t use the fields to filter on the broker side… So when you get the document back into IS it’ll be back how it is…

Or is there something you need to do with enterprise or something?

Nathan Lee
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Hello, I don’t think Broker support publishing XML with attribute. The most easy solution is to create a canonical document that has IDOC as a string input. This way there is no attribute conversion issue.

Nathan is correct. There is no problem with publishing XML documents with attributes through the Broker. I do it all the time.


We can see the data in the document but cannot use those fields as filters in the trigger.

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Doesn’t this the filter still work on the Integration Server side? My understanding was that these fields only prevent the Broker-side filter from working. This is less efficient, but it should still work, no?