Issues in our ISs

Hi All,

We are facing an issue with our ISs.We are getting the following error continuously.

1. “[286]2011-07-17 09:14:19 GMT [ISS.0137.0011E] Scheduler: Exception: Could not get connection”.
2. "java.sql.SQLException: Could not get also when i looked the thread dump i found many service threads in waiting state.

can you please let me know why this is happening ASAP.

Thanks in Advance!!!


Looks like it is related to Scheduler trying to get connection from IS JDBC Pool.
Check if JDBC Pools are setup correctly and is able to establish connection to DB. Also ensure you have provided sufficient connections in ISInternal Pool.
Hope this helps.


yeah i attached u pic…
plz go through it…
if not connecting

i advice u plz go through jdbc adapter…Oraclexe

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