Issue with WSDL getting corrupt

web Service Provider corruption issue on webMethods 9.7

Issue : Provider descriptor getting corrupted.
Description: A Provider descriptor created on the developement server, when deployed to higher environments is getting corrupted once in a while and we have to re-create the descriptor in the higher environment directly.
After the descriptor is re-created, it works properly for few days and again gets corrupted and the process of recreateion has to be repeated vey often.

Whenever, the descriptor gets corrupted, we are informed from the target system that they are not able to hit our service and that is when we can identify that the wsdl for the provider is not visible on the WSDL tab of the provider descriptor and re-create the descriptor.

This issue is happening only for a single provider descriptor, whereas all the other descriptors created on the same server are working perfectly.

Let me know if anyone has come across similar issue.

It might be issue versions like JVM and many other. Check with SAG for any fixes.