Issue with System Memory in Command Central web UI

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Please help us in understanding why system memory showing as critical in command central web UI, even though the system memory is consumed only 2% when I have checked from unix box with df -h & df -k commands.

Just wondering why the system memory is bigger than the disk space?

Did you try to shutdown the SPM and the CommandCentral?

What is your version of CommandCentral and SPM (incl. Fixes)?

df is only looking at the disk space.


df command show free disk place which corresponds to Disk Space KPI in Command Central and as far as I can tell 1.8GB that CC is showing is somewhere close to DF 2% number.

The System Memory KPI shows use of machine Physical memory by the OS. CC uses JVM to report this number via standard JRE ManagementAgent. On few operating systems this KPI is usually reported in red as OS claims all available physical memory to implement its virtualization layer.

We’re aware of this issue of confusing report of used System Memory by the JVM. Currently there are no known workarounds to make it more in line with native OS tools.

Hi Holger von Thomsen,

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Yes, I have done restart for both SPM and the CommandCentral.

SPM version -

CommandCental version -

Below are my findings for Platform Manager memory usage.

CCE Dashboard showing memory usage as 14.70 Gig
From Solaris box, I have memory usage statics based on process id ( PID ), it is showing as 0.011 Gig

Attached the unix screenshot for your perusal.

Hi Sergei Pogrebnyak,

Thank for your inputs but because of this critical alert, we are unable perform any task.