Issue with Step Failure Inside a BPM Subprocess

Plz help me resolving an issue with Subprocess in BPM.

Below is detail

BPM contains a subprocess with three step StepA,StepB and StepC. StepC step is AND join on first two steps. Once the BPM exits subprocess another step StepD is executed and the BPM finally ends.

I am finding that if a step is failing in Subprocess, BPM is going to Failed state. When I resolve the issue (causing failure) and resubmit the failed step, the step is getting completed. But, I don’t see the Subprocess getting completed. Also, the BPM is not trasitioning to next step i.e StepD.

Note, that this happening when process is going to Failed state only. If I tweak the code to allow BPM to go to Suspended state that I don’t face this issue. Is this a standard behaviour or some bug??

Any help is welcome.

Below is Platform detail:
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server (64 Bit)

Cell: 9871316920

Hi Ranjay
It looks to me like a bug.
There is a process engine fix PRT_8.2_SP1_Fix7 which covers below issue
“A child process does not join its parent after a successful resubmission of the child process”

This is actually for referenced processes, but you can try applying that and see if it works.