issue with provider webService WSDL URL

Hi Team,
When I tried to create provider webService using existing IS services, as part of WSDL URL, it is having ‘localhost.localdomain’ instead of having server IP Address. When I tried to change the WSDL URL its not letting me, any solution for it.


webMethods version? By what means are you changing the WSDL URL? On console while creating the WSD provider?

version is wM8.2.

Is there any way to point to server IP Address.

You should create a web service provider alias (IS Admin Console > Settings > Web Services) and then configure your WSD to use this alias.

You do this by opening the WSD in Designer, clicking on the Binders tab, selecting your binder, and then choosing your alias from the Port alias drop-down in the Properties view (Note: if you had your WSD open already before creating the alias, you have to refresh it before the alias shows up in the drop-down).

Once you do this, the WSDL will contain the host name and port from the alias. The advantage of doing this is that, as you promote the web service from environment to environment, the WSDL will always pick up the value from the alias configured in that environment. It’s a beautiful thing.


As always, nothing comes at zero price: The drawback is that you have to configure the alias in all environments. If it has to be done manually then I’d consider that a bad thing. Does wM Deployer support alias deployment? Does it support variable substitution for aliases? (The same alias must resolve to different URLs in different environments.)

Thanks, have created Alias.


Yes, Deployer does support web service alias deployment and variable substitution, at least with repository-based deployments. So, it’s really not that bad.