Issue with jdbc adapter in service

Hi folks,

I have a JDBC adapter service for stored procedure while executing it its working fine and returning me the document list as expected

Problem is when i am invoking it in a Service and passing parameter input but its not returning me the Document List

please help me with the valuable suggestions

Hello Sai,

Please reload the adapter service and again map the adapter service in your main flow service.

Prem Sai

Thank You Sai for your precious done the steps mentioned but still unable to data only in that particular service for testing i invoked same adapter service in another flow service and passed parameters there it was working fine popping the output document list which is expected

Any other steps need to perform please let me know

Can you try to recreate the original service that has the problems with since your new test service working as expected?

BTW what is your IS version?


check your mappings or if by accident you are dropping values.

Thank You Guys Solved the issue

Can you post the final Resolution was?

Just for the record :smiley: