Issue while passing domain name in Username using SOAP HTTP or consumer WSD


I am trying to consume and invoke the external client webservice,client URL requires authentication at HTTP transport level.

When I tried to pass the value to pub.client:soapHTTP service input parameter auth/user as “ABC\ABC123” .I am getting the below error. [ISC.0064.9314] Authorization Required: Unauthorized.

Here ABC is domain name and ABC123 is username.I think this service could not able to recognize the domian name as it is given along with username.

Please let me know how to pass the domain name along with username to invoke the webservice or Is there any to way to pass Domain name seperately?

I tried creating WSD using WSDL,I have created endpoint alias also giving above username and password at HTTP Transport Properties.Even with WSD also I am getting same Unauthorized error.

I am able to invoke the same client url with same credentials using SoapUI utility as this tool has two seperate input fields one for Domain with value “ABC” and one for UserName with value “ABC123”.

let me know your comments.I need to resolve this issue as early as possible.


Did anyone tried to pass domain name in Username as like in my above post?