Issue while authenticating using self signed certificate

i am having issues while authenticating using certificate. I always get below error when try to reach HTTPS:
"Certificate-based authentication failed

“This server requires a certificate for authentication, and didn’t accept the one sent by the browser. Your certificate may have expired, or the server may not trust its issuer. You can try again with a different certificate, if you have one, or you may have to obtain a valid certificate from elsewhere.”

What i did :

  1. Generated a certificate.pfx file and created keystore alias of type PKCS12 in IS admin using this file.
  2. Generated a server.jks file and created trust store alias in Is admin.
  3. Created a new https port and selected client authentication as “Require Certificate”. Map the above to this port.
  4. import the above .pfx to borwser and add it to trust certificate list.

i dont know what i am doing wrong but I always get certificate error when try access this https port. Appreciate any help with regard to this.
i am using 9.8 version.