Issue when loading XML as a stream


I am trying to get an XML file using pub.xml.loadXMLNode service from an URL, in wM6.1. When I am try to load the XML as bytes, I get a valid XML and am able to convert to document. But when I load the the XML as stream, the XML is not loaded properly, and only partial download happens.
I am trying to use the loadXMLNode with the pub.xml.getXMLNodeIterator service and due to the performance reasons will like to go with XML as stream. I even tried converting the stream to node using the pub.xml.xmlStringToXMLNode service, but that didn’t help either.
If you have any idea what I might be doing wrong of there is something that I am missing, please let me know.


Have you reviewed sample.complexMapping.test:runComplexMapping to see if there is a step or two you may be missing? Does stepping through your service show that you’re iterating over all the items you’re trying to retrieve?

Is the XML that will be processed large enough to warrant the added processing complexity?

I double checked my code and I don’t think I am missing any step. In fact when I migrated the code to 7.1.2, its working fine.
The huge size of the XML i am trying to load warrants the use of XMLNodeIterator. It looks like this might be a bug in 6.1.

Glad you were able to figure out what was happening.