Issue in Process Model Completion

Hi All,

Iam working with webmethods 6.5 version, Rosettanet Module 6.0.1. This scenario happens while deploying to Production from Development.

  1. After the Process model is deployed in production, i generate the model and update it for monitoring.
  2. Associated Package gets created in IS.
  3. I disable and enable the trigger created.
  4. I shoot a document to TN
  5. when i notice in MWS portal, i see the process model Status as ‘Started’ with the first step in blue dotted
  6. This step always remains started and never proceed further.
  7. I dont see any errors in the either of the log files(severlog or portal log).

What could be issue stoping us in the production box as this run fine in development.

Naveen Palani

have you created TPA for this document, TPA is required for all the initiator RN documents to start a process model.


Did you check the transistion condition after this step? Sometimes if the transition condition is not met the process engine stops there as it does not know where to proceed

Did you check latest fixes? :smiley: you would find lots of issues fixed in ALL versions about this issue. You need to analize if a current fix already resolves your problem to avoid wasting time. (For this the best is checking empower for PRT/Monitor fixes and take a look to the readme files).

If not enable logging facilites for PRT and Monitor to TRACE and get some pointers.

Hi All,

Thanks your response. I could overcome this problem by creating a new process from the modeler rather export and import mechanism. Not sure of which fix will resolve this problem. There could be a possiblility that we are using windows 2000 server and IS 6.5 with no service packs installed which no longer webmethods support.