[ISS.0088.9155] this SOAPMessage does not contain a valid Envelope object

Hi All,

my first post here :lol:

I have a problem with running a webservice which returns a binary content. I hope, you can point me in the right direction. Short intro.

I created a Webservice Service Descriptor by providing a WSDL file. Webservice connectors were successfully created. I can invoke webservices which return a string value, these work fine.

But, there are two services - one that returns a binary content (actually a file, you provide a filename as input and it returns its content) and one service for file upload (I haven’t tested this one yet).

When I invoke the webservice that returns file content, I get error - [ISS.0088.9155] this SOAPMessage does not contain a valid Envelope object.

After some research here, I was able to increase logging level and I can see SOAP request in the server log. Then I took this request and tried to run it in SoapUI and the webservice returned binary content. So it looks like the request is valid, but the problem is with the binary content and SOAP envelope.

Do I need to configure the soapClient in web service connector somehow? Or change output document signature for the connector?

Or something else?

Thank you.

The webservice we use returns multipart message with XOP:Include directive pointing to MIME part of the message that contains binary data.

This looks promising:

if you are only getting binary, that means the server that offered the service doesn’t act as SOAP server.
check with the provider of the WSDL
you maybe reached a wrong URL.

The response from the webservice was multipart/related. But unfortunately, the WSDL was 1.1 and webMethods only supports attachments for WSDL 1.2…

So I tried to update WSDL from 1.1 to 1.2 and I was able to create new WS descriptor and connectors and enable attachment support fro the webservice desriptor. But the wM component still couldn’t parse the response. There was one HTTP header that was causing the issue.

At the end I sent request using HTTP client and I made simple java service to process and parse out the binary data from MIME :roll:

And we use wM 7.x I think there are few new services to handle these attachments in newer version of wM.