[ISS.0088.9119] SOAP Processor did NOT return a valid SOAP Response

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I am Srikanth . Nice to be on wMUsers discussion forum with you all.

am facing the following error - “ISS.0088.9119 + SOAP Processor did NOT return a valid SOAP Response” when i tried to invoke a webMethods webService using .NET webReference client.
Have checked the document type being returned as response to .NET webReference client from webMethods IS flow service. It looks fine.
am still not getting resolution for this. Could any one please let me know what can be various possible reasons for this error

Thank you in advance

Are you using soap-rpc or document/literal (soap-msg)?


am using SOAP-MSG protocol

Thank you

OK, then it sounds like the soap wrapper service you created (you did create one, right?) is not returning a soapResponseData object containing a valid soap message.

Your wrapper service accepts a soapRequestData object, extracts the body, convertst the body to a document, invokes your “wrapped” service and then converts the results of that service into a soap document.

If you miss any of those steps, you can’t invoke your Flow or Java service with a document/literal soap message.

See the sticky post in this forum for document / literal steps and example.