[ISS.0085.9114] You specified a date/time in the past

i am facing the following problem when i run the addOneTimeTask service.Please can anybody tell me what might be the problem. the input file contains the following time stamp. i.e, Filename_20060130083233.txt

and tye error is [ISS.0085.9114] You specified a date/time in the past.
Please if anyone knows the solution do reply.



Can you please elaborate on your problem? Didn’t quite understand what does a file have to do with running addOneTimeTask service, however the error that you have specified is thrown when you give the input parameters ‘date’ and ‘time’ such that they result into a time in the past. For example, let’s take the time stamp in your file name… it points to 8:32:33 AM on Jan 30, 2006… now if you try to add a task to scheduler using addOneTimeTask service with this date and time at a moment that is after 08:32:33 on Jan 30, 2006, you will get the mentioned error.

Another thing to bear in mind is that the date n time set as input to the addOneTimeTask service must be in accordance to the date n time on the machine on which IS is installed.

HTH, Rohit