iSeries Drop Subfile feature supported?

Not sure how many of you are aware of this feature, but the iSeries allows for a subfile (table) to toggle between one or two lines per record and is facilitated through the “subfile drop” feature. Does anyone know if this is supported in ApplinX when definining a table and how this would be programmed in .net? Has anyone done this?

Hi Barb,
You can define the 2 screens ,hope that there is a way to distinguish between them. and then toggling from one to another will do so also on web application.
another way is to define only the tow lines per record screen but when ever we get to this host screen to enforce the host application to to toggle to the 2 line per record view.

to define 2 lines per record you only need to define that row gap is 2 in the multiple section of the field definition on the screen itself


Thanks Sandu! I’m getting back to this now, so I’m glad to have some insight on how we might accomplish this. Both of your suggestions are reasonable, so we’ll go ahead and pursue this.