[ISC.0124.9002] Document to XSD error


I’m trying to do the following procedure:
Create a WSD Consumer
Create a WSD Provider from that consumer and i’m having the error:

[ISC.0081.9164] Exception occurred during generation of WSDL for service Wiz_WSD:
[ISC.0124.9002] Document to XSD error: Document tns:QuestionResponse cannot be represented in XML Schema.
This document contains a *body field constrained by a simple type and fields that would be represented as elements in the XSD. XSD could describe this document if the simple type constraint was removed or the non-attribute fields were deleted

The doctype is in the image as example.

My questions are:
Is there a way to go around this error without changing doctypes?
Why does this error occurs?
Is there a way to import the doctypes with the field *body without constraints?

Mauro Ribeiro

character:* can’t be used as leading character in any XML name, so you won’t be able to use

check the XML spec here:

When I import with developer it works, it creates a doctype with this elements:
but when I import with designer 8 it doesnt work and creates a doctype with this elements:

When you generate a WM doc definition, if the element has a attribute, WM will generate the element with two sub-fields:

This make it unusable in WS descriptor directly.

Actually, when you create WS, you don’t want to embed the whole xml structure as part of the WS definition. You can simply use one parameter, for example: PayloadDocument, make it a String.
then, you do the parsing, processing in separate services. SO you won’t have this issue.
This is also a better practice, avoid changing of WS when you need to modify your XML schema.