IS46 Connection Pooling Problem

Hi All,
Is there anybody doing with the below envronment.

Windows 2000 Server/Pro
IS 4.6 (SP1 or SP2)
SAP 4.6 (SP5)
Java version: 1.3.1_08 Sun Jvm
Database: Oracle 9i

SAP Adapter Partner Manager logging to database Oracle 9i(Can be any Database in your environment) with the following conf,

(Database Connection pooling feature)

  1. In server.cnf file:

  2. In WmDB adapter, ‘transactions’ Alias settings:
    min.con = 2(any no.);
    max.con = 5(any no.);
    timeout = 10000;

I’m submitting IDoc-XML concurrently to SAP adapter service “sap.demo:handleIDocXMLPost” from java client service
such that each Java Client request will be new request to the IS server and further every request will make the SAP Partner
Manager to use a database connection from the Connection Pool for logging purpose. Actually for the first 5 five client requests,
5 database connection object will be used from the Connection pool(coz max.con is 5) but from the 6th request I am getting
error that Database Connection not available in the Connection pool, it seems that the acquired connection are never released
back to the pool and again after restarting the IS too, the Connection pool behaves in the same manner.
And further while trying to reproduce the problem in a new IS instance, found that Connection pool problem occurs after
the installation of IS4.6 SP1 or SP2.
Is there anybody who is doing fine in the similar env.

Any tips are welcome, Thanks

Hi all,
Never mind…Got the problem solved…
PartnerManager(WmPartners4.6) was not closing the database connection explicitly, so the connection was lost without releasing back to the Connection pool.
We had appproached WebMethods Support and they came up with WmPartners_4_6_Fix2 that handles this problem.