Is webMethods IS certified on Solaris 11


I would like to know if the following components are compatible and can be installed on Solaris 11

Broker 051110
TN 8.0 SP1

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Samer,

please have a look at the System Requirements Guide available in the documentation area.

As 8.0 is out of support meanwhile you should consider a migration to a more recent version like 9.12 or 10.x.

I had an 8.2 version running for a short period of time on Solaris 11 for our current migration to 9.12.

As there is no direct path from 8.0 to 9.12 you will have to do an intermediate migration to i.e. 9.5.
Check the Supported Upgrade Pathes Guide for details.


Hi Samer,

As per the official system requirement page, only Solaris version 9 and 10 is supported with 8.0 release.

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