Is there any group building a GUI to monitor and manage the IS and UM and avoid MwS ?

We try to avoid MWS as much as possible. SAG explained during the last 2 years that they plan to move to IS most of the functionality. But with the new product UM we need to use MWS to monitor activities on IS like services, process execution, event messages etc. That’s not a strategy for the future. So we build our own GUIs.

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I have been working on building monitoring for IS using ELK stack (in my lean time). It is not an official project - but if there is anyone who has done such work - it would definitely help.


I’ve been working on such a solution too.

Most of that information is already in the database but it can be delivered as events or UM messages, so it can be made lighter.

I’m also working on integrating with Jaeger Tracing : [url][/url]

Best regards and stay safe.

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Hi Gerardo,

Thanks. May I explained my idea a bit wrong.
I’m looking for a standalone app ( web app - best would be in ANGULAR ) to use the existing REST services to

  • list the running processes
    • list of activities
    • activity details …
  • list of existing tasks with task meta data
  • service logs

All this is done by the MWS now. → we need to use the MwS style of Gui, which is sometimes very old fashion and very difficult to configure

I want to exchange the usage of the MwS, because it is a havi old machine we need to install and maintain to do maintenance. For the GUI we use ANGULAR and REST.
But this is may be not the right approach for long term. I do not see any progress in the SAG roadmap to continue the path of migrating functionality from MwS to IS. They focus on cloud and micro services.

So lets see what the future will bring us.

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Hi Chirag,

I assume that ELK stack will not solve my idea.
Please have a look to my answer to Gerardo.



I also believe, In the future road map they will be moving every thing to Command Central (Centralized managed tool more and more 10.x.x) along with seamless integration tightly with IS (core engine) however MWS standalone would stay more time. Just my thoughts!



For some of the info you’re talking, I’m maintaining my set of bash scripts, which are faster are nimbler than web applications, although not as pretty.

Best regards,
Gerardo Lisboa

Hi Gerardo,
were you able to build tracker using Jaeger? I used Elastic APM libraries - which are supposed to be compatible to Jaeger.