Is there any API to create trigger dynamically?

Hi, I am new to webMethods and working extensively on this.

Hello… Please could somebody help me in this?


Hi Sam,
We are planning to support dynamic creation and deletion of triggers as part of a SP for IS 6.5 towards the end of this year. However, if you need this sooner we can look into releasing this as a feature fix. Can you help us understand the use case around such a feature - your requirements will help us better understand what it is you are trying to do.

wM Prod Mgt


Thanks very much for your response.

Basically I am a middleware developer and we create re-usable components.

One of our client projects wants us to create a flow service in which they will pass the name of the document type for which a subscriber need to be created.

At the moment we have restricted them to use a particular document type because we have created a trigger in which we have specified a condition for that particular document type to create a subscriber.

So, to enable them use our flow service with any type of document type, we need to create the trigger or at the least a condition on a trigger dynamically.

Does it make any sense or is there a straight forward way to do it? (bearing in mind that I am new to webMethods)


Currently I am also experience this problem.
I am going to create a flow service which expose as web service call for clients. I would like to create a trigger once the clients invoke the web service. Is there any ways to do that?