Is there a way to move an IS to another server without manua

I was wonder can this be done easily on W2k and also linux.

I had a project which required out of the box installation of IS.

The things you’ll need to change are mostly in the config directory, hostname appears in there a bit.

The other bit that needs some attention is the startup scripts. They have the path to the installation directory in them, but if you don’t change that then you’re ok.

If you’re talking about moving between linux and windows and vice versa: watch out for the manifest.V3 files, on windows it doesn’t matter that the extension is a V3 rather than v3. But on unix it matters a lot, you’ll get errors saying that the WmRoot package is needed etc etc…

What else was there? Think that may have been the lot.

But really: you’d be better off setting up a unix image and a windows one ready to go and then just dump the config and the packages and you should be ready to go…