Is there a way to disconnect after an http://../invoke/...?


one of our partners is sending informations to us via an http://:/invoke//

Doing so they will leave some IS-Session behind upon destroying the connection.

Is there a way to do an “http://:/invoke/wm.server/disconnect” on this IS-Session?

The reason:
Leaving these sessions behing is blocking important server threads resulting in some “No thread available to run task […]” even if the server thread pool has enough threads available. So I assume that these threads are taking from the systems thread pool, which can not be configured that easy like the other one.

Any Ideas on that?


Can the service being invoked be made stateless? That will avoid creating the session altogether.

Hi Rob,

unfortunately the service being called is already stateless.

IS 6.1 SP1.


I wonder if this is an accurate assumption. A session isn’t a thread. Once the response is returned to the caller the thread “should” be returned to the pool even though the session object is still around. The existence/non-existence of a session has no impact on thread management AFAIK.

What leads you to the “Leaving these sessions behing is blocking important server threads” conclusion?