IS sporadic access denied response

Hi all,

I have strange issue with IS. I have a flow service which will be invoked through an external application via Http. I get 3 different responses. Sometimes I get access denied, sometimes it runs successfully without throwing any error(after running for many hours, 19 hrs) and sometimes it says read error connection reset by peer.

I don’t even see access denied message in the serverlogs. But the error code I see in the external application is [ISS.0084.9004] acess denied. The IS version is 7.1

It response it not consisten. PLzz…Help me out


Increase in the logging utility the HTTP headers, and verify if the credentials been passed are correct when failing. If they are correct I would raise a support request as that would indicate an ACL anomalous issue.

Hi DevNull43,

Thanks for quick input. Actually I did not completly understand your statement. Are you asking me to increase logging utility in HTTP headers If so How would I do it? The only thing I know about increasing logging is increase in log level in IS admin page. Can you please explain?


Yes you need to change it from IS Admin page ->setting ->logging then edit logging for integeration server increase logging level for 0038, 0039, 0040, 0041 to trace…

PS: I am guessing you are on wm 7.X version.


Change the property of your service to Stateless = true and it will be good.

I guess you client code is reusing the session.
If it’s new session, ok.
If after period of time, session expire on the server side but the client is still trying to use it, it will get connection disconnected or access denied.

If you can control the client code, check if the session is still active before send request. Otherwise, reopen new session.

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