IS SFTP PUT transfer mode

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IS 10.7

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Hi Experts,

I am trying to do a file transfer using pub.client.sftp:put, do we have option to make the transfer mode as binary or ascii? The option for sftp only have the mode as append, overwrite but no transfer mode.

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hi @paulryan.uchi ,
If I understood correctly you want to send the data in binary or in ASCI format.
Any transfers happen on SFTP is done on streams.
For stream content-Type is application/octet-stream , which is ultimately a binary file.

Please let me know if this answers your query.

Vikash Sharma

SFTP does not have any notion of binary vs. text/ASCII. Nor does it have a notion of Content-Type.

SFTP is binary. It simply provides file access, file transfer and file management. The content of the files is of no interest to SFTP. It does none of the things FTP does to destroy, er, “help” text files and EOL termination. :slight_smile:

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