IS service execution count

Dear all,

I need a help on the below

How to find out the IS service execution count, like for a particular service I want to know

  1. how many times the service is executed?
  2. how many times the service is failed and how many times the service is success?

Help me out if we have any built in service to fetch this information. and also in which wmtable this data will be saved.


In the ISAdmin page (http://servername:5555) go to Server --> Service Usage

Service usage screen can tell you number of times service has executed but not the failure count or so. You can achieve this by enabling service level auditing from Developer for any particular service. If you have JDBC Pools configured for ISCoreAudit and auditstore is configured for db, this information can be found in WMSERVICE table of ISCoreAudit Pool.


Thanks for the reply,

In WMService table, there is column which shows the count, but I think we can get the count information from Status Codes.

I didn’t understand what exactly the codes stands for. where can I get the information about status codes. do we have any document for that. as per my knowledge I searched all the pdfs available, but they are of no use.