Get IS status from a stand alone java application

I am working on webMethods 6.1, i want to see the status of the IS from a stand alone java application.
i have heard that it is possible through WmRoot package, but i don’t know how to do it.
Can anyone help me out?


Basically WmRoot package is webMethods IS Properitary package/services used internally by IS(please note these services should not be disturbed for customizations etc…)but you can invoke those services depends on need.Also there is no documentation of how to use the services its no your own risk in testing.

Make sure WmRoot package is enabled in your IS so that it will be visible in the Developer and browse the services for use.


You just have to invoke some services on IS to get these stats. I’d recommend using SOAP to invoke these services.

One service you probably will like to use is wm.server.query:getStats, but there are many other there. Just check the code of DSP pages in WmRoot package.

Your stand-alone Java app can use the IS Java API to invoke any IS service. If you just want to determine whether the server is responding to requests you can invoke the wm.server:ping service with no imputs which will respond with a single “date” return value containing the current timestamp of the server.

If you want to collect more information, you can write an IS service to do that and invoke it instead. That service could do whatever you need it to do executing a test service that might process a synthetic transaction designed to exercise a set of critical components and report the results back to you.

Of course, for more robust systems management capabilities of webMethods hosted services or business processes you should look seriously at webMethods Manager or webMethods Optimize.


One warning to all: if you’re testing connection to IS at short intervals (shorter than your Session Timeout setting), your sessions table will fill up quickly. How quickly depends on the ratio of the Session Timeout / interval. If you’re monitoring IS using a network monitor tool (i.e. Big Brother, Nagios), a better service to invoke would be wm.server/disconnect.

I have successfuly solved the problem.

I am thankful to all for giving your valuable solution to solve the problem.


how can i test the service wm.server.query:getServiceStats.when i am running the service am getting all the Service statistics how can i get a specic service statistics.

Hi Sukanta,
Can you please tell me how you have done ur solution? I am also building similar kind of DSP for our servers. I am also looking for monitor to check all MQ, JDBC connections status. Any inputs will be appreciated. Thanks.