IS Service census

Hi all,
I’ve read somewhere that CentraSite is able to perform a census of existing services of an integration server.
Is that true?
How could I accomplish this?


not quite sure which feature/capability you read about:

  • webMethods Insight is capable of publishing discovered service assets to CentraSite.
  • Software AG Designer can publish IS assets to CentraSite

what are you actually looking to do?

I would like to have a place where all the services of a IS (or many IS) are listed along with their dependents services or adapters and consumers and… I would like to have al information automatically set and not manually entered.
Am I asking too much? It would be wonderful even if half the job could be done automatically…

I see CentraSite can do something similar but only after a good and long manual configuration and setting job. Am I wrong?

Never heard about Insight. Could it accomplish my needs in some way? Where should I start to try it?

Thanks and regards

Please try Designer’s “publish” feature:

  • Windows > Preferences > CentraSite > Connections - set your CentraSite connection
  • select a package, folder or whatever level you want to start with, right-click, Publish…
  • assets will be published in the organization of the user that does the publish (as set in the CentraSite connection)

Use the Impact Analysis reporting to view the relationships among your assets.

Hi Douglas,
Are you able to do some Impact Analysis or “integration scenario/s overview” even for loosely coupled components?

E.g. one package/serviceA publishes to Broker/UM, another one contains a trigger that subscribes to that topic and calls some serviceB… I’d like to see that serviceB is dependent on serviceA even though indirectly through document type at best (even if it’s just some existing instance of that particular scenario). Simply - I don’t want to investigate the integration logic in Designer (finding dependents) + file-content-search on FS to get the full picture. Standard IS service monitoring is just not enough here.

Thank you.


I do not know of any ‘out-of-box’ dependency analyser from SAG which delivers exactly what you want.

The closest I know is from my company, WRIGHTIA, with the Service Profiler/Package Dependency Analyser product.

You can get some information here: Wrightia Service Profiler Features. The dependency analyser guide is here.

Other than that, you could construct your own service, using the dependency and source services from the wm namespace (as with all the private services, use with caution).

Good luck.

Is it same as

Thanks Gerardo - The tool doesn’t look bad at all! I’ll definitely give it a try.