IS server sizing docs + limitation for WMQ connections

Hi All,

Is there any path in empower/ SAG websites where server sizing guidelines and related documentations are available. I have a requirement to decide the server sizing based on the volumes of transaction. Also, is there any lmitation in webMethods for configuring number of connections/ listeners to websphere message queues?

Also, let me know if anybbody come across the error java.lang.OutOfMemoryError. If so, how to determine the bottlenecks causing out of memory to IS?

Thanks and Regards,
shriraksha A N

Empower does not provide sizing document. I remember on old 6.x version, there use to be capacity planning and sizing excel sheet, which is no more available. Only software AG PS would have access to this documents. Out of memory error is very common.
I am sure i simple search on wmuser/empower will help you trouble shoot your memory problems.

As mentioned above there are many reasons that can cause the IS to throw out of memory errors. The next step would be is to take thread and heap dumps when this error occurs and find out if this is being caused because of a memory leak or a trigger or something else.