IS server restart and there have some error server log

Dear all

  Due to the TN DB need to maintain and shutdown the Integration Server.After that done,I restart the IS server but there some error record from the server log.

 The IS server version is 9.9 and actually I don't install Broker component at  Integration Server.I'm confused for this log.

Anyone meet this server log and please kindly give some advice.

Thanks very much!


Is it the first time you are seeing these messages. If you grep logs on dates when server restarted, you can those statements. I guess, when IS is coming up, it is just trying to keep connections with necessary components. If those components are up, running then connection establishes successfully if not it just displays statements which you stated now.


Thanks for your response.According you said,when IS restart up,it’ll try to connect the all components.What I’m confused is that Borker is not installed in my server,Even so,IS still try to connect Broker sevrer,If check failed,the log will show the statements,right?



Mandy, If you are using Unix as your OS, can you fire the below command in server log location.

grep -i ‘Error creating broker admin client:’ server*



Is this Broker error was every coming before or you started seeing this behavior recently with the IS restart?

Even thought the error is your IS not startup and have any issues the interfaces that used by Broker?

Also check the command for grep awbrokermon


Why do you need WmLogUtil? If it’s not required, just disable that package may fix this issue.

This Broker error just came when I restart the IS server and I just confused that the error log still show even though I didn’t install Broker server and maybe disable WmLogUtil package can fix this issue.



it should be sufficient to go to the homepage of the WmLogUtil and select “stop”.

WmLogUtil is mainly used to log intsances publishable doc types and their acknowleges.

This requires the use of a Messaging component (either Broker or UM), where the log requests are stored.

The logged doc types will be stored in the database table WMDOCUMENT, which is part of the IS Core Audit component.