IS Server Performance Issue

Hi All,

I am working on wM 6.5. For the last few weeks, we are facing the issue that count of “Heartbeat Request Thread” in IS console keeps on increasing which leads to the increase in System Threads to a size of 2000. After that the performance of IS is reduced and the server is very slow in processing.

Could anyone please tell me what the “Heartbeat Request Thread” means and how can i resolve this issue?

Ambrish I

Hi Ambrish,

Better you do garbage collection manually, that will free some unused object spaces.

but be careful, that function might affect running server threads


if you have FIX module installed, check your Appia settings.
Heartbeat is one of the doc types that is used by FIX module, you may check the config file under wmFix\config\appia.cnf

Thanks webMDev.

The number of threads reduced to an extent. Could you please tell me why thread count keeps on increasing so that I can avoid it in the future?

Ambrish I

Thanks tongwang for your response.

FIX module is not installed. I did Garbage collection manually as suggested by webMDev that reduced the number of “Heartbeat Request Threads” count. But I am not sure what does it mean?



garbage collection happens to free up threads holding unused objects, which are created by services. you can call that function manually as i suggested( but it is a default function done by JVM). So as per your problem the freeing of objects not happens properly as all threads been busy in other purposes. So what i suggest is you can create a scheduler for garbage collection service, which will free up threads & memory instantly (but i m not sure whether it will be a performance issue).


By scheduling Garbage Collection, you will be putting a temporary fix but you are not addressing the problem.
Probably you should investigate further on why huge number of threads exist, by analyzing thread dump.
If you find huge number of thread invoke is something normal in your environment, after thread dump analysis, you might want to fine tune JVM settings to use a different GC algorithm.

Thanks Jayaram.

I can see the System Thread count in the IS Console . How can I kill it? Is there any in-bulit service to kill apart from doing Garbage Collection manually?

As I already specified, I can see most number of threads are related to “HeartBeat Request Thread”. What does it mean? It would be helpful if I get some explanation on it .


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