IS port details in file system


The port details for IS is stored in respective package’s listener.cnf file.

But I know this file will not contain details about “Access mode” “IP access” of port.

So do anyone know where these details are stored in file system?

Hi Sundar,

the listeners.cnf is the right place to look for these informations.
At least Access Mode (Allow, Deny, Allow+, Deny+, …) ist stored there, but not as explicit text.
More likely the modes displayed in IS Admin UI are derived by the list of services configured in the record nodes/elements in addition with the attribute default (include for allow and exclude for Deny).


Hello Holger,

Thanks, Yes you are correct. I could see now.

By the way what about IP access mode(Global and Individual port settings) file?


Hello Holger,

I see access mode for individual port on listener.cnf.

Only thing is Global IP access settings file.



It will be there in listeners.cnf file on that particular package.

Like below…

 <array name="hostAllow" type="value" depth="1">
  <array name="hostDeny" type="value" depth="1">

Regards, krish

Thanks Krishan, I could see now.