IS: Picking the correct log level for debugLog messages


I want to set the correct debugLog level for (a) Production Servers (b) Development Servers and (c) while using pub.flow.debugLog.

Does wM have any documentation where they state what gets output in IS server logs at each debugLevel? I know the higher the level, the more that is output. What I am looking for is more specific - i.e. what types of information are output at each level.


A couple places to start:

webMethods Logging and Monitoring Guide.

Here’s a quote from that guide:
In a development environment, choose level 4 or higher, depending on the extent of debugging necessary. In a production environment, choose level 3 or lower. Recording more information consumes more system resources, so webMethods recommends using levels 5 to 10 only when circumstances truly demand it.

You might also want to review the GEAR 6 Error Handling White Paper.