IS Password restriction

The following is the default password restrictions mentioned in IS 6.5

Minimum Password Length 8
Minimum Number of Upper Case Characters 2
Minimum Number of Lower Case Characters 2
Minimum Number of Digits 1
Minimum Number of Special Characters
(neither alphabetic nor digits) 1

If this is the case, then why ‘abc2010’ is getting accepted.

mininum pass length is set to 8, but my pass length is 7

IS was throwing exceptions when I try to change the password to ‘abc’ (like Warning: Selected password violates the current password guidelines.)

But it is just warning. My password is still getting changed.

Can somone please help me to understand this

Password complexity is not enforced for administrator users.

Thanks. But the userid I am using is not an administator.

How are you changing passwords? If you are an admin changing a user password, you will only receive a warning. If you are a developer, you should not be able to set your own password to a value that does not meet complexity guidelines.

You might want to look at using LDAP if you have more than a few users you need to manage.

Hi thanks for this. I now understood the problem. I was trying to change the user password via ‘Admin’ login.

When I try to change the password through developer tool, I can able to see the restrictions.