IS or Enterprise Adapter Status Problem


We have done webMethods Integration between EDI and JDE Xe Using webMethods Enterprise One Adapter. As per our requirements the no Integration processes will execute in weekends Saturday &  Sunday. The integration process will start Monday Morning 7 O�clock, once stop at Friday evening 8 O�clock.  Once first process is started some times we are getting following Error: 

java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException: com.jdedwards.system.connector.CallObjectRetryException: Server problem. The server may still be available, but because of state information, the entire unit-of-work must be resubmitted
at com.jdedwards.system.connector.CallObjectExceptionHandler.handle(
at com.jdedwards.system.connector.OneWorldInterfac

This Error will occurs only for first process only and all other process executes automatically with any or problem.

The Problem seem to be webMethods IS Server is going in sleep mode once process completed Friday Evening. Please let me know the cause of the problem and also let you know the any service pack are available to over come this problem.


In your EnterpriseOne adapter settings, set Min connection pool = 0, that way even if your XE services are bounced, the adapter will re-connect/re-establish connection pool.

Question for you: Have you used the XML List function of this IS adapter? If yes, does it work ok for you?