IS JVM crash on broker lib


We have installed Broker_SSL_Java_6-5_SP2_Fix1 to counter a problem where the IS crashes with a javacore file that points to a SIGSEGV recieved in /common/lib/ This fix replaces that file and two others. However, we still get this error and crash situation, and I am wondering if the fix needs to be installed in /common/lib as well? Is it also necessary to restart the Broker? The IS is 6.5 SP3, Broker is 6.5 SP2, JVM 1.4.2. A different IS running on JVM 1.5 connected to the same Broker does not have this problem, and I suspect it will go away once we upgrade to JVM 1.5 on the IS with the problem, but we are unable to do so ATM. This is on AIX 5.3, all components are configured with SSL.

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