IS jms send not working for Mixed Queue after setting Queue TTL on UM


We have a 4 node cluster of UM. We have a 2 node cluster of IS.

We are publishing on a queue from IS to a queue on cluster, and there seems to be no issues.
It is a Mixed queue, which we created from JNDI tab of master node.

Next, we set a TTL on the Queue by Edit Queue Property via EM. Screen shot of same attached.

After we set the TTL on Queue, if we are publishing from IS, this is no longer working.
The push count is not increasing on the EM.
If we verify the mem file, from backend, there is no change of file size or update time.
This makes us conclude that if we publish from IS, using jms send, it does not throw error on IS.
But the message is not reaching UM.
Please explain what is missing for the message to reach UM.


Did you try disabling and enabling the JMS connection to UM after setting the properties to Queue/Topic, please give a try and then publish it will work.