IS is not responding, after restart logs are also not generating

Hi Experts,

Can someone please guide , one of our sever is not coming up after restarting also. Logs are also not generating.
It seems someone from our team uninstalled the corefix13 and noticed that JNDI lookup is added.

After this scenario only, server not coming up.

Thank you :blush:

I assume you mean the server log.

  1. Check the logs under the profiles folder, which will certainly have a few entries indicating why the script terminated by itself (JVM signal, most likely).
  2. Were there any issues during uninstall, in the SUM logs?
  3. Were there any post-fix steps that need to be reverted after the uninstall?
  4. Check if someone started the IS with a wrong user (root, for example).
  5. Are there sufficient resources (ulimit, disk, etc.)?


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It is something related to log4j. We have to place orrect jar having class org.apache.logging.log4j.jul.ApiLoggerAdapter. Could you please tell how to identify the jar containing this class.

I am assuming you are talking about IS 10.5 ,please look into the readme about uninstallation of the IS fix 13

To complete remediation of the critical security vulnerabilities (CVE-2021-45046 and
CVE-2021-44228) found in Apache Log4j 2.x, you must install
Platform 10.5.0 Fix 0018 (OGI_10.5_Fix18) and Shared Libraries Loggers 10.5 Fix 2
(TPP_10.5_Loggers_Fix2) with a fix that includes PIE-73331 (IS_10.5_Core_Fix13 and above).
Note that Microservices Runtime requires only TPP_10.5_Loggers_Fix2; it does not require

If you want to uninstall IS_10.5_Core_Fix13 from Integration Server, you must first
uninstall Platform 10.5.0 Fix 0018 (OGI_10.5_Fix18). If you do not, uninstalling
IS_10.5_Core_Fix13 fails.

If you uninstall IS_10.5_Core_Fix13 from Integration Server or Microservices Runtime,
you must uninstall Shared Libraries Loggers 10.5 Fix 2 (TPP_10.5_Loggers_Fix2) at the same time.
If you do not, Integration Server will not start after uninstalling IS_10.5_Core_Fix13.

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