IS in not comming up

Am getting the below error after upgrade the broker(8.2.3) to UM.

2016-05-10 03:04:07 EDT [ISS.0098.0055E] Exception during attempt to register Trigger: [ISS.0098.9006] No matching Document Type exists for SATURN_Documents.Docs:doc_Status

Any idea how to resolve this.

This can happen when the package containing the subscription trigger being enabled before the package containing the doctype that is referenced.

Try using package dependencies to load the package which contains the docType before the package containing the subscription trigger loads.

Setting package dependency will resolve the issue. Try and let us know if you still face issues.

How to set it? Now am getting this error ,

Reloading trigger PrcDI.ProdDIMessage.ProDIOutboundMessage_1.IS:trnTrigger because it has a dependency on document type(s) wm.prt.dispatch:SubprocessStart

Hi Krishna,

package dependencies can be set in Designer.

Right click on the package on which you want to add a dependency, select Properties.
Specify the package name of the package which contain the referenced object and set the package version to “.”.

The Document wm.prt.dispatch:SubprocessStart is located in the package WmPRT.

Every time when a package containing referenced objects is reloaded all packages which have a dependency on it will automatically be reloaded too. It does not matter if it is a direct or indirect dependency.


Thanks Holger.

Let me check and comeback to you incase of any issues.