IS-Document with XML-Namespace but without Field Prefix


after playing around in Integration Server for quite some time now, I could not figure this out, so here is my question: Is it possible to create a Web Service in Integration Server, that uses a central document type with a different namespace but does not use prefixes for its fields?

Here’s what I would like to have (see attached screenshots):

  • Service LegeAntragAn uses Document Ergebnis WITHOUT any prefix like erg, so that the document looks “nice” (I simply don’t like prefixes in all my IS document).
  • When the service gets published as a Web Service in Antrag, the WSDL should import Ergebnis’s namespace and prefix the elements (e.g. with erg), so that the central document Ergebnis always has the same namespace in any Web Service it is used in.

By default, Ergebnis lies in the Web Service’s namespace and is therefore created as a completely new document for each Web Service it is used in. So the generated code contains classes like Ergebnis, Ergebnis1, Ergebnis2 etc.

I know it is possible to create Ergebnis from an XML schema to make sure the namespace is always the same. But as I have mentioned, I don’t like the prefixes in my IS documents.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Best regards,

If I am not wrong you are creating a consumer WSD, if yes can you share the wsdl?

Let me check from my end.

No, I’m creating a Provider WSD. I want to publish my own IS Service LegeAntragAn as a Web Service.

Ergebnis is an internal IS Document that is used in many services. Therefore, its namespace should always be the same in any Web Service. However, the field prefix for this namespace should only be used in the Web Service and not internally (because I don’t like how it looks :)).


If you want to set up namespace on each individual field then you have to declare prefix too. otherwise IS will complain about it.

Otherway you can do is WSDL first approach but then also IS will create document with prefix.

there is a namespace property for WS provider. try looking in there too