IS Clustering in 65...Deprecated?

I was going through the IS Clustering Guide for 65.
I got utterly confused when I read the Note on Page 28 of this PDF.
[B][FONT=Arial Narrow][SIZE=2]

“Important! [/b][/size][/font][FONT=PalatinoLinotype][SIZE=2]Load balancing has been deprecated. If you are interested in load balancing the Integration Server, consider using a third-party load balancer.”

My first question is, is this true?
We already have 8 clusters running in Production 65…


Yes, and everyone of those clusters would probably benefit more from hardware-based load balancing than IS software-based load balancing. Also, unless your IS clients are custom java clients implemented using the TContext class, they don’t have any failover benefits at all.

The load balancing support deprecated in IS 6.5 is removed in IS 7.1.1.

From the IS 7.1.1 Integration Server Clustering Guide

[Emphasis mine]

Thanks for the info Mark.

I had been trying to find more detatils of the deprecated load balancing but could not find the same. Can you pls share any document/point me to teh URL where I can find this in detail.


From posts above, the info is in:
IS Clustering Guide for 6.5, Page 28
IS Clustering Guide for 7.1.1

These guides are available on Advantage.

What additional detail are you after? The docs don’t mention why it is deprecated, just that it is. Effectively, you should treat the load balancing feature of IS as non-existent and pursue other solutions.

Search the forums for “IS clustering” for discussions that may be helpful.