IS Clean Up worksapce temp file

Hi Team,

We are using AIX Unix OS for our webMethods 9.7 installation setup for our infrastructure.
From past few months I am noticing in below mention webMethods IS directory there are so many temp files are getting generated due to which most of time our server goes out of memory or failed to restart

Can any one please tell me ?

In Integration server 9.7 AIX Unix OS
IS Dir Path : -

sample File snap shot are getting generated

-rw-r–r-- 1 xyz@123 xyz@123 1221 Aug 14 05:03 tempLicense5372216415134775166539139041232553487059xml
-rw-r–r-- 1 xyz@123 xyz@123 1221 Aug 14 05:03 tempLicense15746567307620654253514154291829265368199xml
-rw-r–r-- 1 xyz@123 xyz@123 1663 Aug 14 06:01 tempLicense7114652406214747775169203745869321946045xml
-rw-r–r-- 1 xyz@123 xyz@123 1663 Aug 14 06:01 tempLicense3273302104243062317212093390215383949585xml

  1. what is this file about?

  2. why it’s getting generated or which module/components generate this type of file?

  3. Is it safe to delete such type of files daily?

  4. Even this type of temp files are getting generated in PROD server as well

if i do cat to the file name to view contain
cat tempLicense5372216415134775166539139041232553487059xml

Basically it’s a SAG license file but issue is why it’s getting generated every single minutes
If i go by count every day it’s generate 30,000 such type of temp file every single min

Raise an SI with SAG support. They must provide you a fix or workaround. Kindly share your results.

Are these files content all the same?
Are these files valid license for IS?

That correct Wang

File which i have mentioned has same contents and it’s a valid license xml file for WM 9.7 dev region.
These types of files are continously getting generated min by min even in higher regions including PROD Env as well

I am looking for some kind of temp fix or utility for time been before approaching SAG.

Sorry, never see like this.

do you have latest fixes installed?

Better open a SI with SAG and also make sure you are core fix level is latest with 9.7 and about Licensing in the IS admin page.


Dear All,

This issue we are facing in all Envs

where as In our PROD End we have IS_9.7_Core_Fix2 at IS still issue exist and latest fix we have installed in our
Dev Env is IS_9.7_Core_Fix3 still issue exist.


I appreciate you are trying to resolve it but you have to talk to SAG support with an SI. This issue is new to me I have never experienced this in the past.

Thanks Wang/Mahesh,

We have approach to SAG team and as per there comments SAG developer is working on this issue and soon they will come up with some kind of fix for same.