IS Certificates

Hello everyone, I am trying to use the 3 IS certs for a HTTPS setup via a webservice. We are using Apache and I need to config Apache to use the 3 IS certs. What my problem is that I need to convert the 3 IS certs to a *.key format and *.CRT format. If anyone has gone through this process your help would be greatly appreciated.

Are you trying convert .der cert files?

You can try google it there might be some free openSSL conversion tools available.

Well in IS we have 3 certs, I am unsure what certs i need to use in Apache at this point to use for HTTPS SSL.

I think (.pem) files should suffix on Apache.


The big question would be which cert do i use, since i have 3

I believe it would be CA cert and/or public key also.

Ok this might be a stupid question but I would be using the IS certs not the proxy IS certs correct?

Is the apache outside firewall/network?..Mostly IS certs and use the other way if not.

Correct our Apache server is outside the firewall. So which certs do I use the proxy (IS) certs or the (Internal) IS certs?

Proxy IS certs could suffix and test connection.

Hi Marlon,
I’ve little confusion. You said that you want APACHE to use 3 IS certs. Can you explain what do you mean by using 3 IS certs? Is it something Your IS public key is having chain of 3 certs? Or if in your IS you have 3 certs then what i understood is One set of certificate is for SSL handshake, second set of cert should be for sign/verify and third set of certificate should be for encryption/decryption. If this is true then you need to find out which one you are using for SSL, same should be configured to APACHE.