IS as an SSL client


I need to use the IS as an SSL client. I have recieved a certficate from my external partner that I’m suppose to interact with. I ask them to give me the CA authority certificate, but they can not supply that one to me since it don’t exist. So my problem is how do I set up the HTTPS connection to the server.

I have already coded a service that works with HTTP, but I can’t get it to work with HTTPS.

When I do a normal call with HTTP, btw it is a SOAP call, I get an response back from the service. But when I do it with HTTPS I get o response back. My partner told me that he could actually see the web service call in his log with the correct input, but why don’t I get an output?

My partner said that their server use server side SSL…

So how do I set up IS as an SSL client properly when I only have their certificate…


If your partner’s server is not doing any SSL client authentication, then you should be able to connect without any certificate setups on your side.
Please make sure that you are connecting to the correct HTTPS port/URL not the HTTP port/URL. Btw, you can always extract the CA certificate from the certificate through windows (plz search these forums).



I need to set up certificates on my side… Since I have their public certificate, which is required when I initiate a call… So there is some sort of action that I need to do to recieve response back from them…

Btw… I use a webservice connector to connect to them… which was generated by a WSDL file…

I am confused about your certificates setup question. A

re you refering to adding your partners certificate as a trustedCa? If yes then you need to add your partners CA certificate under the trusted CA path on your admin screen.



The only thing I want to do is to call my partner via a HTTPS connection. For me to be able to do that I was handed a single certificate from my partner, so my question now is how do I setup the https connection…

As I pointed earlier:
> If your partner’s server is not doing any SSL client authentication, > then you should be able to connect without any certificate setup on > your side.

You should not have to setup anything special HTTPS outbound connection.


upload an example of your package and I show you quite quickly.


I don’t think I can supply a sample package for the moment… but this seems to be an issue with the WM platform. I found this on advantage


"Customer Description

When calling an external webservice over HTTPS I am getting the following non-xml response

The webservice behaves correctly over HTTP.
webMethods Closure Summary

The problem is with the pub.client.soapRPC service. Please write a service which seperately performs everything that this service does:

  1. Convert the request to an XML string
  2. Create a soap data object using pub.soap.utils.createSoapData
  3. Add the request xml string to the body of the soap data object
  4. Send the message to the target server (http post) using pub.client.http

This gets rid of the wrong request that was formed while using HTTPS."

I tried their solution and it don’t work, I get the following error back…

<faultstring>no SOAPAction header!</faultstring>

I tried to use pub.client:soapHTTP instead of pub.client:http then I get the error that I don’t get an response back…